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Is yours too small compared to other men?

Do you have feelings of inferiority because yours is small compared to other men? Well, worry no more! The Journal of American Rocket Science has combined modern industrial hydraulics with high tech medical pharmacology to enlarge your truck’s size to make you the big man you’ve always wanted to be. Our product Testosteronics can be injected into your truck’s body while you watch – and you can feel yourself become a big guy – a guy women can’t resist!

Testosteronics will not affect your truck’s chrome—it will actually make it brighter—giving you a flashier man on the move!

You can buy the Testosteronics treatment at you local truck parts dealer now!

Chilean Underground Mine Chamber to Have New Use as Man Cave

2010_10_chileanTurning near-tragedy into a lifestyle opportunity, a group of Man’s Health Magazine executives have launched plans to convert the San Jose mine, near Santiago, Chile, where 33 miners huddled for 69 days, into a hangout space for adventurous new age males.

Calling it the ultimate male-bonding experience, the group,, first commented, “We’re grateful and happy for the Chilean miners and their families,” then announced their plans to provide a basic Spartan experience for two months of volunteer captivity, over a half mile below ground, to replicate the challenging experiences and extended endurance of the Chilean workers, with the employment of several of the once-trapped miners, who will be paid very well for their custodial work.

A website, with hangout schedules, a psychological test, and expenses package will be made public soon.

Trailer Court Developer Plans to Replace Aluminum Homes-in-a-Can with Mies van der Rohe Modernist Replicas

Farnsworth House
In a brave attempt to clean up the nefarious image of trailer trash parks along freeway frontage roads, a Twin Cities metro area trailer court developer will soon be replacing worn-out trailer houses with new replicas of high style modern residential architecture.

Randy Dandee, owner of several north suburban mobile home parks, says the modernist architectural philosophy of Mies van der Rohe will influence trailer home owners to rid their surroundings of trash and ticky tack in the spirit of the great architect’s well-known dictum: Less is more. The mid-twentieth century world-renowned architect espoused clean minimalist forms free of unnecessary ornament, which Dandee says will convert trailer home owners to find fish houses, boat trailers, barn-roofed utility sheds, stacks of worn out tires, broken down swing sets, and assortments of lawn ornaments unnecessary for living. Instead, their spiritual quest will seek accordance with “architectural disciplined restraint in a mode of unostentatious nobility.”

Now! Available for your Toyota! DASHBOARD BUDDHA

Dashboard BuddaFollowing over a half-century’s successes Christianity has had with dashboard likenesses of Christ, the Journal of American Rocket Science has developed a solution that can get you through the many crises you may be having just getting your Toyota from home to work.

The Journal of American Rocket Science has developed the dashboard Buddha* for the Toyota Corporation, and the auto dealers can install one in your Toyota for much less than the cost of accelerator pedal replacement or brake repairs.

Make your appointment now!

*Safe for church parking lots