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Now Available From BP

2010_06_bpNow available from BP—our own patented BP Gulf Coast Varietal Fish Oil. From mile-deep sea floor depths to be fresh for your table. You can throw away that bottle of Asian fish oil you got from some fancy gourmet foods store and enjoy a nutritious American style fish oil.

You can enjoy blackened shrimp like you’ve never tasted before!

Wines With Architecture

2009_05_ivy_towerFor many years, gourmets and wine connoisseurs have built reputations recommending which wines go with what foods, and many Americans have relished their acquired sophistication. But the Journal of American Rocket Science wants to carry this culture climbing to the next level.

Which wines are proper to consume with important architecture? When in Minneapolis, use this handy guide and impress your friends:

Target Tower on Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis
White Zinfandel. Both the wine and the architecture have a two-dimensional character.

Weisman Art Museum, U of M Campus, Minneapolis:
Merlot. Many well rounded tastes, bright finish.

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis:
Any wine you have never heard of before, so you won’t understand what you are tasting.

Quarry Shopping Center, Northeast Minneapolis:
Woodbind. Made from fermented sawdust recycled from Home Depot lumber sales department.

Hennepin Avenue Bridge, Minneapolis:
Burgundy. A few spikes of high flavor but short delivery to finish.

Minneapolis Art Institute Recent Expansions
Any cheap wine easy to digest.

Guthrie on the Riverfront
Off-dry champagne. Opened for a short time to produce low fizz.

Ivy Tower
Petite Syrah with Vodka chaser. Diminutive but distinct taste notes overwhelmed by strong indistinct sensations.

Minneapolis Historic Buildings
Claret. Decorous taste hints, interior tannins, reminiscences of tobacco, all not long lasting.

Thunderbird Hotel in Bloomington

I-35W Bridge
Two Buck Chuck, from Trader Joe’s. Mild and smooth, but not what you would die for.