Monthly Archives: February 2009

Journal of American Rocket Science Says Federal Stimulus Package Should All Go to Artists

In an unusual editorial statement today, the Journal of American Rocket Science stated the Federal Stimulus package should be entirely sent to artists in this country, who can immediately pump the cash right back into the American economy. This massive economic recovery, the journal claims, should not go to banks, who will just squirrel it away in their accounts, never to see the light of day. Artists have no bank accounts, and the money will be immediately be put in play in local art supply stores, musical instruments, studio rentals, PBR purchases, car repairs and bus fares that can generate jobs for coffee shop servers, bar tenders, and other economic stimulators.

In addition, artists’ spending can have a “green effect,” as newly opened art galleries and music performances in coffeehouses in non-descript vacant storefronts don’t draw crowds that bring auto traffic. Moreover, new galleries and performance spaces in formerly vacant warehouse buildings, will eventually create a “hot zone” that creates trendy property values and eradicates urban blight, outperforming public agency revitalization programs.

The Journal of American Rocket Science advocates congress to change their programs and spread the money to artists in every city of America.