Monthly Archives: April 2005

Creation Science Can Now Instruct Young Students with Stork Theory

Design for Preservation has developed an add-on teaching supplement for
creation science curriculum to be used by schools in conservative
school districts. Stork Theory will present young minds with the
fundamentals of childbirth, to educate how babies come into the world.

The course material is theory based, as applied science aspects are not
important, such as how storks can fly through closed windows during
their deliveries, is unnecessary. Course material will also be text
only, with no illustrations needed, as no actual photography is
available to date. Lab sessions with actual storks will not be part of
the teaching process, as a measure to appease liberals who would want
no storks harmed during such procedures.

Although the curriculum is designed for elementary school age children,
Design for Preservation education consultants claim the material can be
also used for college credit at academic institutions such as Bob Jones